Month: July 2022

Agency Affiliated Counselor Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of an agency affiliated counselor?

“Agency affiliated counselor” means a person registered under this chapter who is engaged in counseling and employed by an agency. “Agency affiliated counselor” includes juvenile probation counselors who are employees of the juvenile court under RCW 13.04.035 and 13.04.040 and juvenile court employees providing functional family therapy, aggression replacement training, or

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6G Services, Capabilities and Enabling Technologies

BEIJING, July 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the vivo Communications Research Institute released its third 6G white paper, “6G Services, Capabilities and Enabling Technologies”. The report explores the 6G framework and enabling technologies that vivo experts believe will shape people’s lives beyond 2030.

“As one of

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The Biggest New Version Release In The History of jv16

The new version 7.5 of jv16 PowerTools brought 14 tools including a new tool called System Fixer along with many new features, improvements, and fixes

PORI, FINLAND, July 21, 2022 / — Macecraft Software announced the biggest new version release in 20 years of the history of jv16 PowerTools. The new version 7.5 is fully equipped with 14 tools including

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Best CBD Brands on the Market

The December 2018 Farm Bill, which President Trump signed into law, boosted the CBD market. It is now officially lawful to cultivate industrial hemp wherever you desire in the US due to this legislation.

In the health industry today, there has been a rise in cases of anxiety, depression, epilepsy, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Opioid addiction, chronic pains, diabetic complications,

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AWS re:Inforce details how to fortify enterprise security

Join executives from July 26-28 for Transform’s AI & Edge Week. Hear from top leaders discuss topics surrounding AL/ML technology, conversational AI, IVA, NLP, Edge, and more. Reserve your free pass now!

Your building must be constructed of wood — not papier-mâché. 

That is: Build your security program from the ground up and have it embedded within operations and throughout

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Practical quantum advantage in quantum simulation

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    6 Best PC Cleaner Software For Windows 10/11

    If you’re a Windows user, you are not new to Windows slowing down over a period. Common symptoms include a sluggish system, unresponsive apps & slower than ever boot uptime.

    Numerous factors contribute to Windows slowing down to this extent. A cluttered registry, unnecessary programs running in the background, fragmented hard disks, malware infections, bloatware & outdated software are some

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    FIU helps local high school teachers build cybersecurity

    FIU experts are training local high school teachers to develop cybersecurity lesson plans for their students.

    The Cybernet Miami Academy is an FIU-led virtual, interactive program about digital forensics, which is the process of interpreting and uncovering electronic data. 

    In the first phase of the academy this summer, high school teachers met with FIU electrical and computer engineering faculty and

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