Bug Fixing Your App

Apps have become pretty ubiquitous, with thousands of independent programmers and companies churning out an entire range of apps, that can do pretty much anything through your phone. Apps also of course, can used online and on your desktop. So if you are thinking about developing a mobile application, what are the top things to worry about? Obviously, money is the primary thing. Developing a mobile application is just the start of what can be a long and frustrating process, mainly because the internet has a downside. That downside is that there are plenty of developers offering stuff for free. Some of the most famous software has always been and is free. Also there are film makers, publishers and writers, newspapers all making offerings for free on the internet. Free stuff has defined the internet era, and monetising your product can be difficult.

Advertising will get you so far, but to really make money you need innovation, user recommendation, quality and no bugs to your system. And that’s you need to fix bugs. It’s one of those key parts of developing apps, which often gets left out. Programmers become over confident and overly keen to get their new exciting mobile app to market. But they forget if your product has bugs no-one will use it and more importantly no-one will recommend it to friends and colleagues. And if you want a successful app, you need those recommendations.

Mobile application testing is for the developer as important as any other stage of developing and marketing your product. And using software testing companies, in other words outsourcing the mobile application testing process to a third party, is a vital part of your strategy. The reason why you should seek out third party help, is that software testing companies, offer a service which cannot be provided on your own. They will employ usability testing, user acceptance testing, to find out how customers will use your app, and they will use crowd sourced testing to do it, which means a larger group of software testers will use your product and will find bugs that you will miss if you go it alone.

The same applies to desktop apps. Finding those bugs and fixing them will cost you less in the long run. There is nothing more frustrating than downloading an app that doesn’t work. Some apps won’t even download properly, and because many apps are free, your competitors will be only too happy to take your custom from you.

Of course some apps are developed merely to promote other software produced by the same company. If you do the same, and offer your app for free, with the intent to supply other paid for services, then bug fixing is still a vital part of that process.

Some services out there offer a pay-per-bug service. These tend to be best for low budget productions, but with the added bonus of crowd sourced testing, the combination of both delivers everything you need to make your app a success and one which will get those vital user recommendations.