Computer Forensics

Computer Forensic Processes to Get Accurate Results

Today we shall talk about computer forensics and including the overall concept of computer forensics. What is a digital trail? What is process and restrictions exist as well as defining the needs of a computer forensic investigator.

Basic idea of computer forensic is to investigate computer equipment and any associated component determine if it has been used or what is … Read More

Specialized Raid 5 Data Recovery

When you need RAID 5 data recovery, it should be done by the experienced specialists to get the optimum results. RAID 5 distributes data across numerous disks. The data is divided into blocks and each block is stored on a different drive. Parity block is being stored on a solo drive and distributed among many disks. In case of a … Read More

How Technology Can Help In Solving a Crime

Computer Forensic becomes a very popular occupation to handle computer based crimes with different techniques and strategies. These techniques and strategies can help a computer forensic investigator to point out illegal activities performed by some one. It is a scientific study of computer based investigations. The investigator works with the processed or unprocessed data to extract required information.

Technology also … Read More

Why You Should Delete Your Social Networking Accounts

Everyone has at least one. A Facebook account. A Twitter feed. Maybe a lingering MySpace page. Probably in conjunction with these you are running a LinkedIn page for connecting to work contacts; posting location information through 4Square; or have a personalized iGoogle homepage. Let’s face it social networking has become the hottest way to keep in contact with your friends, … Read More

Reverse Email Address Lookup – How To Get Name, Address And Phone Number Of Email Sender

The usual warning we get whenever we visit banks and most online financial institutions these days is; “Fraud Alert!” Gradually, scammers have started shifting their attention to e-mail users; making most Gmail, and Hotmail account owners to abandon them. In fact, this is one challenge that is becoming too hot to handle for a lot of people. Forget about the … Read More

How To Investigate a Hacked Email Account

It has become a very common problem for a persons email service to be hacked so that another person has access to your email account. In most cases this is done by an email spammer to send out spam emails. This way the spam is traced back to you and not to them and they can shield themselves from prosecution. … Read More

Email Security System on the Net

A lot of data is being sent over the internet via emails. Most of these data is important and require to be protected from the unauthorized persons. Several trials have been done to secure the data sent through emails. One method of securing the emails is to encrypt the data before sending and this is decrypted when reaches to the … Read More