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What is a crypto broker?

When it comes to the world of cryptocurrencies, there are a lot of unfamiliar terms and concepts that can be confusing for those who are just starting to learn about them. One such term is “crypto broker”. So, what is a crypto broker, and what are the pros and cons of using a broker?

What is a crypto broker?

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Using smartphones could help improve memory skills —

Using digital devices, such as smartphones, could help improve memory skills rather than causing people to become lazy or forgetful, finds a new study led by UCL researchers.

The research, published in Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, showed that digital devices help people to store and remember very important information. This, in turn, frees up their memory to recall

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Charisma matters most in video communication — ScienceDaily

Managers need to make a consistent impression in order to motivate and inspire people, and that applies even more to video communication than to other digital channels. That is the result of a study by researchers at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). They investigated the influence that charismatic leadership tactics used in text, audio and video communication channels have on … Read More

Thinking like a cyber-attacker to protect user data —

A component of computer processors that connects different parts of the chip can be exploited by malicious agents who seek to steal secret information from programs running on the computer, MIT researchers have found.

Modern computer processors contain many computing units, called cores, which share the same hardware resources. The on-chip interconnect is the component that enables these cores to

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Physicists demonstrate electron transport on a quantum chip

Millions of quantum bits are required for quantum computers to prove useful in practical applications. The scalability is one of the greatest challenges in the development of future devices. One problem is that the qubits have to be very close to each other on the chip in order to couple them together. Researchers at Forschungszentrum J├╝lich and RWTH Aachen University … Read More

A new neuromorphic chip for AI on the edge, at a small

An international team of researchers has designed and built a chip that runs computations directly in memory and can run a wide variety of AI applications-all at a fraction of the energy consumed by computing platforms for general-purpose AI computing.

The NeuRRAM neuromorphic chip brings AI a step closer to running on a broad range of edge devices, disconnected from

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Bio-based materials used to salvage rare earth elements —

What do corncobs and tomato peels have to do with electronics? They both can be used to salvage valuable rare earth elements, like neodymium, from electronic waste. Penn State researchers used micro- and nanoparticles created from the organic materials to capture rare earth elements from aqueous solutions.

Their findings, available online now, will also be published in the November issue

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Smartphones make consumers prefer unique, tailored products

Personalized wine lists. Tailored clothing options. Unique experiences just for you.

The world is awash in products and services that promise to provide custom experiences to every consumer. And it turns out our smartphones are pushing us to unconsciously prefer just these kinds of customized options.

A new study from the University of Florida has discovered that consumers gravitate toward

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Underwater messaging app for smartphones — ScienceDaily

For millions of people who participate in activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving each year, hand signals are the only option for communicating safety and directional information underwater. While recreational divers may employ around 20 signals, professional divers’ vocabulary can exceed 200 signals on topics ranging from oxygen level, to the proximity of aquatic species, to the performance of … Read More