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Cirrus Logic Senior Technical –

John Melanson, senior technical fellow at Cirrus Logic (Nasdaq: CRUS), has been granted his 500th U.S. patent, an achievement that places him among the world’s most prolific inventors. The Academy Award®-winning engineer’s core contributions are within the field of audio and electronics, particularly the analog and mixed-signal technologies that have helped transform the analog world around us

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Huawei and China Mobile Guangdong Jointly Release Mobile VPN

[Shenzhen, China, July 18, 2022] During the Win-Win Huawei Innovation Week, Huawei and China Mobile Guangdong jointly released the Mobile VPN solution. With this solution, enterprise users can securely access the Internet and campus intranet anytime and anywhere. Mobile VPN makes mobile office more flexible and helps build a more digital and information-based campus. These advantages make Mobile VPN an

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Innovation, Lighting up the 5.5G Era

“Looking ahead to 2025, the sheer diversity and magnitude of network service requirements will create huge new market potential,” said Wang. “We’re here to discuss these opportunities with operators and industry partners, and explore the innovations we need to help pave the way for 5.5G.”

Huawei proposed 5.5G for the first time at the 11th Global Mobile Broadband Forum in

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Why Edge Computing Is The Next Big Thing

CEO and co-founder of DataVisor, a leading fraud detection company with solutions powered by transformational AI technology.

Today’s predominantly cloud-based information technology architecture paradigm was built on the premise that devices are “dumb” and that servers are “smart”—and that, therefore, the latter should do all the heavy lifting. The conditions that gave rise to such design are shifting,

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How the Metaverse Will Shape Our Future

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reports that in the first six months of 2022, the word metaverse appeared in regulatory filings more than 1,100 times. The previous year saw 260 mentions. The preceding two decades? Fewer than a dozen in total. It increasingly feels as though every corporate executive feels the need to mention the metaverse—and of course,

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Portugal’s NOS Opens 5G Hub with Private SA 5G Core Network

Leader in the implementation of 5G in Portugal, NOS opens the NOS 5G Hub – a living, collaborative and co-creative laboratory for the development of 5G nationally. 

Involving an investment of 1.8 million euros, the new NOS 5G innovation center has been designed as an area for brainstorming, experimentation and technological transformation, clearly turning into reality NOS’ ambition and ability

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Edge Computing Market Bolsters with Rise in Demand for

Wilmington, Delaware, United States, July 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Transparency Market Research Inc. – A study by Transparency Market Research (TMR) expects the global edge computing market to grow at a CAGR of 37.3% during the forecast period, between 2022 and 2031.

Edge computing refers to a latest technology created on a distributed computing system. The demand for different

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Digital Currencies: The Next Stage


The next stage in the evolution of digital currencies has apparently arrived.


Paul Vigna writes in the Wall Street Journal:

“A blowout in the cryptocurrency market sparked a wave of layoffs, punished valuations and drove some companies to bankruptcy.”

“Now firms that still have capital are gearing for a shopping spree.”

This is what happens in “new” markets.

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The Evolution Of Finance | Seeking Alpha

jamesteohart/iStock via Getty Images

For several years, now, we have been wondering where the crypto-world was going to take us.

We tried to be patient by arguing that, given time, the system would work itself out and we would then come to understand where things were going.

Well, it seems as if “things” are moving far enough that we can

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