Spyware and Viruses

Remove Chromnius.com browser hijacker (Free Guide)

What is Chromnius.com browser hijacker?

Chromnius is a potentially unwanted application that sets itself as the default browser to promote sponsored content and show ads

Chromnius.com is a web address of the web browser that may bring more ads than usual

If you have spotted that any links you click are opened on a different browser than you’re used to,

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Remove Service-2022.site ads (fake) – Free Guide

What is Service-2022.site ads?

Service-2022.site can start spamming users with fake McAfee security alerts

Fake security alerts can make users convinced their system is infected

Service-2022.site is a page that uses the name of McAfee to trick users into thinking their PC is infected. It states that the subscription has ended and the machine is in danger. Of course, McAfee

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Remove Cales.live ads (scam) – Free Guide

What is Cales.live ads?

Cales.live is a dubious website operated by crooks to generate revenue from antivirus installations

Crooks can use names of other brands to take advantage of people

Cales.live impersonates McAfee which is a well-known antivirus brand. The page was created by crooks to generate revenue. They use social engineering methods to trick people into thinking that their

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Remove Cimen.click ads (Support Scam)

Cimen.click ads Removal Guide

What is Cimen.click ads?

Cimen.click is the page leading to scam pages and showing fake error messages on the screen constantly

The adware-type intruder relies on deceptive or even scamming techniques

Cimen.click ads, and notifications can come to the screen and keep users interacting with particular pages that can promote various programs and tricks people into

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Remove 62IX ransomware (virus) – Free Instructions

What is 62IX ransomware?

62IX ransomware is a malicious program that locks all data on the system and then demands a ransom

62IX ransomware is a data-clocking virus that enters the system without users’ knowledge

62IX ransomware is a type of malicious software that is designed to extract money from its victims. Immediately after entry, it infects the systems and

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Remove Redirectpathtopath.xyz ads (virus)

Redirectpathtopath.xyz ads Removal Guide

What is Redirectpathtopath.xyz ads?

Redirectpathtopath.xyz adware is the one intruder that causes speed issues and redirects to other pages

Adware is the threat that can show various forms on the site to keep users interacting

Redirectpathtopath.xyz ads and notifications that appear out of nowhere on your screen indicate the adware-type intruder that is causing all these

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Remove News-gazifo.cc ads (fake) – Free Guide

What is News-gazifo.cc ads?

News-gazifo.cc is a malicious website showing messages you shouldn’t trust

News-gazifo.cc is a fake website made by scammers

News-gazifo.cc is a phony website that sets out to mislead Internet users into thinking it is what it appears to be, only to take advantage of advertising revenue later. It simply attempts to present a request to enable

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Remove Mix Colors adware (virus)

What is Mix Colors adware?

Mix Colors is a bogus extension that can significantly impact the browsing experience

Browser extensions can act as adware and cause ad spam

Although Mix Colors is promoted as a useful tool to change website background colors, it is actually a rogue browser extension with adware[1] capabilities. This means that it can cause an

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Remove CRPT ransomware (virus) – Recovery Instructions

What is CRPT ransomware?

CRPT ransomware can cause people to lose all of their personal data by using encryption algorithms

Ransomware infections can damage personal files if there are no backups

CRPT ransomware was recently discovered by malware researchers and it belongs to the VoidCrypt ransomware family. It uses complicated encryption algorithms to lock users’ personal files, like photos, videos,

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