Spyware and Viruses

Complexity Science in Cyber Security

1. Introduction

Computers and the Internet have become indispensable for homes and organisations alike. The dependence on them increases by the day, be it for household users, in mission critical space control, power grid management, medical applications or for corporate finance systems. But also in parallel are the challenges related to the continued and reliable delivery of service which is … Read More

Protecting Yourself From Email Hacks

I opened my email recently to find a message from someone I know very well, a female colleague in her sixties. The message asked me to urgently send her money as she was on holiday. It revealed someone had stolen her money and her phone and having had her holiday ruined, she wanted to come home straight away but needed

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Your Business Needs Antivirus

Have you long been wondering whether your network is safe or not? Well, the fact of the matter is that with the passage of time, hackers have also taken on sophisticated approaches. This deems it all the more necessary for you to make use of antivirus software to keep your business computers protected against external harm. With the recent viruses

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How to Remove TrojanADH2 Completely

What Is Trojan.ADH.2?

Trojan.ADH.2┬áis a malicious Trojan horse designed to have ability to do destructive activities on the infected computer. It can badly destroy a victim’s computer system and steal the users’ confidential information without any knowledge. Usually, it hides itself in websites which have been hacked by the rogue hackers. If users visit the hacked websites, it may

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