CCleaner Review – Does It Speed Up Windows?

One of the most vital element that Windows operating system relies on is the registry. Windows registry is like its core memory storage where it stores information on almost every setting of files and folders, including user defined settings, and other elements that exists on the operating system. Unfortunately, though, over time, the registry can become somehow messed up. This is mostly due to application installation and removal that the Windows operating system has to go through. The registry is then not as clean and neat as it was from the factory any longer. As a result, users may experience lagging on their system. Yes, that’s true, a messed registry can often cause a system to become slow in responding to user’s action. Even worse, it can cause the system to become unstable and crash a lot.

Yet, registry is not an easy thing to clean or fix. It is only the computer experts that really should get their hands on messing with Windows registry. But then, what if PC users want to fix their registry despite they are not computer experts? Well, this is when third party registry cleaner applications often come in pretty handy. Besides they are easy to use, they leave the users a clean registry with nothing to worry about.

But which registry cleaner application is a good registry cleaner? Well, CCleaner, from Piriform, is one good example in this case. The interface is pretty friendly to most PC users and it is quite well known as well. In addition to that, this application from Piriform cannot only clean users’ Windows registry but also clean temporary files that Windows and other applications may have left behind.

Another advantage that this software can offer is that it can be used on various versions of Windows, ranging from the oldest to newest version of Windows. However, though, it is hard to find a perfect application. In fact, it is almost impossible and CCleaner is no different. This third party application has disadvantages, too.

What it cannot offer is a registry backup utility. This is very unfortunate considering that this is one of the most important utilities a registry cleaner application should provide. With that being said, PC users interested in using CCleaner will have to carry out a manual registry backup operation just in case something unexpected takes place and ruins everything in Windows — or most of it.