How to Fix Windows Runtime Errors

What Are They?

Runtime Errors result from problems within the core of your Windows registry, and are dangerous to the health of your PC. Runtime errors arise in a number of different programs for a number of reasons, but are usually caused by either viruses/spyware, or improper installation or un-installation of Windows programs.

Do I Need to Fix Them?

Yes, for several reasons. First off, Runtime Errors can be malicious and cause major malfunction within your PC, risking your data and other programs.

Secondly, because the error is located within the very complicated Windows Registry, it can spread and cause other errors in the registry – further compounding your problem.

Finally, even if the Runtime Error happens to be minor, let’s face it – they’re a royal pain. They constantly pop-up at inconvenient times, and generally slow down your PC.

How Do I Fix Them?

Fixing Runtime Errors requires cleaning or editing your Windows Registry – most often cleaning.Cleaning your registry requires the use of a recognized registry cleaner, whereas editing can be done with an internal Windows program called RegEdit.

So why not just use RegEdit since it’s already installed in Windows? The problem with RegEdit is that a) it only solves about 50% of common registry errors (surprise surprise, Microsoft) and b) it’s risky to use.

Using RegEdit is risky because it requires technical knowledge of root Windows directories and processes. Without being able to recognize these processes, it’s easy to eliminate the wrong directory, which will cause permanent damage to your PC.

Which Registry Cleaner Should I Use?

The main thing to consider is that Microsoft recommends both registry cleaners and anti-spyware to eliminate runtime errors. So when selecting a program to use, it’s important that it includes both.

ParetoLogic’s PC Health Advisor provides an excellent combination of registry cleaner and anti-malware/spyware. It’s comprehensive, very easy-to-use, and does not pose a risk to your registry. Best of all, the company lets you try it out for free.

Besides eliminating Runtime Errors, the program also provides general Windows optimization, which will boost your PC performance in most cases – especially during startup. Identity theft protection is also included, a feature that grows in importance by the day.

Again, a runtime error is a software or hardware problem that prevents a program from working correctly. These may cause you to lose information in the file you’re working on, cause errors in the file (corrupt the file) or further damage your Windows registry.