How To Stop World Of Tanks Crashes

World Of Tanks is a new game that’s “kicking ass” online with millions of users already signed up to play it. Although this game is actually one of the most entertaining I’ve played in a while (see what happens if you shoot someone on your own team….), it unfortunately suffers from a big problem with the way the game actually works. The issue is that it’s not able to properly process the various settings and options which allows the software to run properly, which will eventually lead the game to crash. If you’re experiencing problems like this with the game, you should look to fix the various problems that the game may have, as well as then looking to fix the problems that Windows may have as a system.

There are 4 reasons why World Of Tanks will crash. These include:

  • The program not being able to correctly process the settings that it requires to run
  • Your PC having errors / problems with its settings
  • Windows being unable to process registry files it needs
  • Your computer having a number of potential problems with its settings

The way to fix the World Of Tanks problems is to first make sure that you’re able to clean out any of the problems with the game itself, and then make sure that you can fix the various errors with the settings of Windows. This is best done by clicking onto the files that Windows will be using to operate, as well as fixing the registry of your system.

We’ve found that re-installing this game is the most effective way to fix the various problems that your system may have. This can be done very easily by clicking onto Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs and then removing the game from your system. After that has been processed, restart your computer and then make sure that you can re-install the game from the likes of the Internet or the CD.

We also recommend cleaning out the registry of your computer. This is a large database which stores important settings and options for the Windows system, and is continually being used to help make Windows run much smoother and more effectively. The registry is used 100’s of times each time you open your computer, and is continually in use whenever the likes of World Of Tanks is running. You can fix the problems the registry may have by clicking onto the Internet, downloading a registry cleaner and then letting it fix any of the issues that Windows may have. We use a tool called Frontline Registry Cleaner, which we’ve found to be the most effective.