Huawei meets Cloud Institute to build computing network

Huawei is celebrating the Win-Win Innovation Week where thousands of global operators and industry elites are discussing the significant topics that will hype the digital economy. Relating to this, Huawei has built a partnership with Cloud Institute to converse the development of the computing network.

In this innovation meeting, Huawei and Cloud Institute openly kept their point over the computing network. Jiang Tao, Vice President of Huawei Computing Product Line said that the main reason for their presence at the summit is to explore the ways in the computing network area that can open new doors to digital economy growth.

Three Key Points to Work:

As per the leaders of both cooperation, three vital points will contribute to the formation of the computing network. Firstly, when the operators will become the backbone in the construction of computing power networks. Secondly, when the AI computing tech will lead these networks. And third, where the industrial associations and ecological construction will prove beneficial.

Alongside, Huawei addresses the “connection + computing” strategy that will ultimately help the workers to set up new ideas for the network infrastructure and give a boost to the overall development of the power networks.

The motto of the Computing Networks

Huawei is constantly thinking, planning, and practicing several ways in the computing field. This is so because computing power plays a very crucial role in the ecological corporation. It gives a clear perspective on artificial intelligence.

Moreover, the competing network will generate more efficient and reliable outcomes than before. For instance, unified graphics, text, audio, improving performance, creating sounds with pictures, and more.

Apart from Huawei, the three giant operators in China also have the same viewpoint toward computing power. The Vice President of China Mobile Research Institute believes that the computing power network is an important component of China Mobile’s new information infrastructure.

On the other hand, the vice president of China Telecom Research Institute said that the computing power network is a characteristic and an important part of cloud network integration. Next, the China Unicom Research Institute vice president conveyed the following message:

“Three major technological innovations, to create a new digital information infrastructure based on the integration of computing and network, to promote original technological innovation, and to jointly create the future of Zhilian.”