Macbook Air Reborn

MacBook is back in town not like other laptops but it is something that will take your heart beat away in the first look so stay tight and read along. It is just announced a few hours ago by the one and only Steve Jobs, he opens an envelope and the revolution is released.

The specs told are just makes you speechless, it has no hard drive! Yes it does not have any instead it is equipped with flash storage because now the hard drives were talk of the past. Stunningly the battery lasts for more than 30 days, with 7 days of continues use. Nevertheless the boot timing is instant, so now no waiting for your device to boot up, all you have to do is to push the button, release and here you are on your home screen.

Talking about the looks, it is extremely sleek and stylish with a complete Aluminum body and comes in two versions one 11 inch and the other with 13 inch screen. The storage starts from 64 GB and ends at 256 GB.

There was a rumor about a touch screen MacBook on the way, yes it is fulfilled but indirectly, I mean you will be able to enjoy all the gestures of the touch screen but by the track pad and this is a good decision because the touch screen just messes up the screen with finger prints.

This time Facetime is also all yours because now it is also equipped in MacBook’s and the beta version is available for download. This will allow you to facetime (video calling) by any IDevice which supports it. This will be the cause of many Apple users to get their facetime account right now.

In simple words Apple made a fancy device and obviously a fancy device costs fancy and same here the pricing is starting from $999 to $1599 depending on the specs and storage you need.

So start banging at the nearby Apple store and grab your hot cake.