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Make Your PC Faster by Resolving Oleaut32 Dll Errors

The main function of DLL is to provide object linking and embedding support to various applications. But sometimes you get DLL errors why? Well, this error is raised due to corruption of some essential files or folders from your system. It is also possible that you get this error message due to some corrupted installation file. Whenever this error is raised then you will get following type of error message on your screen:

· “This application is unable to start because oleaut32.dll file was not found. Re-installation may fix this problem.”

· “The file oleaut32.dll is missing.”

· “Cannot find [path]\oleaut32.dll file.”

These are the common message that you will get when this error is encountered. So it becomes too essential to know the root of problem. Without knowing cause of problem you can’t fix it properly.

Reasons of this error are: –

· Due to missing dll file.

· Due to some suspicious software.

· Due to fault in registry structure.

· Due to deletion of some important files from the system.

· Due to corruption of some file.

· Due to problem in hardware.

Some of the common symptom that is reflected when this dll error occurs on the system. These are: –

· Tainted performance of the PC.

· Increased software load time.

· Application ends automatically.

· Problem in loading some files.

How to solve Oleaut32.dll error?

In order to fix this problem there are some simple steps are given you can attempt these steps to handle this erroneous situation.

· First of all it is advisable to check your installed drivers. Because the most common reason for this problem is that your drivers are outdated. So you have to update your all obsolete drivers to fix this problem.

· If you are getting this problem due to particular application then you can easily handle this situation. First of all you have to uninstall the application and then install it again. To un-install application you have to perform simple steps: –

– Click start.

– Select control panel.

– Select add or remove program.

– Select that particular application.

– Click uninstalls to remove it from the system.

– Sometime this error will be raised due to corruption in DLL file. So in order to fix it you have to rename the corrupted oleaut32.dll file that is present in your system folder.

If your problem remains as usual then you have to use the efficient tool to solve the problem.