Certification Tests

Preparing to Get the CCIE Certification

The CCIE certification exam is one of the most difficult examinations there is in the IT industry, a lot of networking specialists know how difficult this can be and this is why fellow professionals and huge companies highly respect people who have achieved such a high standing in their profession. Though a lot of professionals would attempt to take this certification early in their careers, it should be noted though that the CCIE certification is not for new professionals and people who have taken the examination would recommend that they should take associate and professional examinations beforehand.

There are actually only a few thousand individuals out of hundreds of thousands of IT professionals who are CCIE certified; this is exactly why no applicant should take the exam unprepared. Preparing for the examinations on the other hand, requires a couple of things aside from the knowledge, skills and training that each applicant should already have in the first place. When wanting to have a CCIE certification, one must be entirely ready for two types of exam, a written exam, and a grueling 8-hour practical, laboratory and hands-on examination. The knowledge and the skills that the participants should have will form the core of all the requirements needed, all the rest of the requirements are but supplementary when it comes to this exam, in fact, if the applicant is just about 90% sure that he or she will pass, but still has some apprehensions, the applicant may as well turn back and retrain.

If the applicant is ready, the next thing that he or she needs to prepare would have to be the money as well as the visa if and when this is necessary. The written exams can be taken in numerous accredited examination locations and Pearson Vue exam centers, but when it comes to the laboratory exam, you may have to travel to another country; this is because there are only a handful of accredited laboratory testing locations which can accommodate CCIE standards. Money is also a big factor when it comes to the CCIE examination, the written examination will cost about $350 while the Laboratory examination will cost around $1,500, and this of course does not include anything else other than the examination fees, travel expenses, board and meals are not included.

Just in case the applicant does not pass the exam, the applicant can retake the examination in 5 days’ time, the written examination must be passed before the applicant can move on the laboratory examination. In case the applicant will not be able to pass the laboratory exam, the applicant has 12 months to retake the examination, if the applicant will not take the re-test, the written exam which the applicant has previously taken will no longer be considered valid and the applicant will have to retake the written examination once again. Preparing to get CCIE certification is a serious task, without the necessary requirements can cause a whole lot of trouble, but on the other hand, if the applicant will prepare all necessary requirements, everything can go smoothly.