Project Server – Making Teamwork a Breeze

The Microsoft Office Project Server is the latest upgrade from the Microsoft stable of products. This product uses Windows SharePoint Services as the base for its project management server solution. It supports both a web interface as well as project management as a client application.

Microsoft upgrades this version and extends functionality by providing a project server as well as a project web access. This version of Microsoft Project Server stores all project data in a centralized SQL Server database. This makes it virtually unattainable without proper authorized access. Corruption of system files is also impossible. It necessitates the existence of a project administrator with specific pre-defined security rights as well as access powers.

With the help of the project center reports can be filed on the project across the organization. This will enable managers at various levels to access the nitty-gritties of each aspect of the project. Clear demarcation of Tasks, Projects as well as Resources can have pre-defined Enterprise Custom Fields.

Each member of the team can have a home page in web access related to the project. Managers can send out updates as well as delegate work which will then become visible on each of these home pages. Any communication from the staff in terms of updates as well as status reports can be communicated in real time this way. The Project Server enables e-communication through web via Web Access function. Each of the team members can streamline their work with task status updates as well as time sheets for each of their respective tasks.

The software allows for analysis of resource workloads, making work more efficient. Each project created also supports a Project Workspace where team members can exchange information, think-out-loud as well as share data.

Among the new functions now available in MS Project 2010 is the ribbon functionality. This was earlier seen only in Office 2007. The ribbon is available in MS Project as well as in Project Web Access. Additional features include the timeline view. This is a graphic representation of major tasks to be completed and well as milestones in each project. The team planner similarly provides a graphical representation of work delegated. It allows for tasks to be pre-scheduled as well. There is also the inclusion of the Project Portfolio Server.
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