Razor Blade Stealth: The Ultra Book King?

There aren’t many windows laptops that are lightweight, powerful, and sexy. The Razor Blade Stealth is all three of those. And it might be even be a MacBook Pro killer. Let’s talk about the design of Razor Blade Stealth. It is clearly inspired by the MacBook Pro. It is made out of CNC aluminum and it is anodized in a very stealthy black finish. It is rock solid. I actually dropped it off my coffee table = no scratch whatsoever.

There is a 12.5 inch display, which is slightly smaller than the MacBook Pro’s 13.3 inch display, but it is just as gorgeous as you can’t imagine. It comes in QHD. You can also upgrade that to a 4K model. This laptop turned a lot of heads at CEZ because it’s the dream right you take the flexibility of an ultrabook and then you combine it with the power of a desktop, graphics card and then you profit right here.

I am testing the 4K version right now, but to be honest, both models look fantastic. The screen is also a touch screen. So you can use your finger to scroll, pinch to zoom, it is really smooth, it is really intuitive. It is just like a tablet. And check this out! A fully customizable backlit keyboard. You can use the Razor configurator to customize it in up to 16.8 million different colors, which is just wild. Right now it is seen set to wave, but you can have a ripple effect, you can have a spectrum. The keys themselves are very comfortable to type on. There is also a multi-touch trackpad below the keyboard. It’s not terrible, but I have used better. On the side of the keyboard, you’ll find two stereo speakers. So let me fire up my favorite song. Very crisp audio! Just crank it up to hear how load it can get. Really loud!

There is a brand new, reversible USB type-c port, as well as another USB 3.0 port, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and a HDMI port for outporting video. Despite its small size, the Blade Stealth is actually really really powerful. It comes with the latest 6th gen Intel core i7 processors, 8GB of superfast ram. It comes with Intel HD 520 graphics so they’re not as powerful as discrete graphics. If you really want more performance, you will have to buy the Razor Core. And the Core is an external GPU dock that houses up to two discrete graphics cards. We don’t have any idea how much it’ll cost, but my bet is it’s gonna be expensive. One really important thing when you’re considering a Laptop is battery life. In reality, I got about 4-5 hours of mixed usage. It’s pretty solid.

Overall, I think the Razor Blade Stealth is a fantastic Laptop. It is a great alternative to a MacBook Pro, and with a starting price of a thousand dollars, it’s a hell of a deal.