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Registry Cleaners To Speed Up Windows – Truth Or Snake Oil?

I have to admit that when my PC was running slow, I was tempted by the numerous “registry cleaner” programs out there. These tools are designed by slick companies and promise to speed up your PC, clean out errors & generally ensure that your system is able to operate as smoothly as possible. Although this is exactly what a lot of people want to have for their system, the problem is that in my experience, a lot of registry cleaner applications will do relatively little for your system. Having said that, I’ve recently discovered a few of these tools work very well to repair the various problems that will be slowing Windows down.

The way that registry cleaner programs work is to first scan through your PC, and then fix any of the problems that Windows will have with all the files & settings this part of your system will have. The registry is where your PC will keep the settings, options and files that Windows will use to run; and is basically like a big directory of important files & settings – where your PC will keep the likes of your desktop wallpaper and even your most recent emails. All registry cleaners fix this part of your system, as well as a number of other core areas of Windows – which is why a lot of people try and claim they are able to repair the various issues that will cause your system to run slower.

After recently becoming a freelance computer repair technician, I found that a LOT of people are struggling with a system which runs slower. The reason why many people download registry cleaners to fix the errors they’re experiencing is because this database inside your PC is where Windows stores the vital settings that help it operate, and is consequently one of the most frequently used parts of the entire Windows system. The registry is continually being damaged, leading Windows to run much slower; hence why a lot of people like me recommend using registry repair programs.

In my 6 months on the job, I’ve found that some registry cleaners *can* be effective for speeding up the Windows system. It’s really just a case of using the best tool on a PC which is slowed down by the registry. There are a number of problems that can cause Windows to run slower, including having problems with its settings, files and other important options. My experience showed me that a tool called “Frontline Registry Cleaner 2.0” is the most effective registry repair program for speeding up Windows. I found this tool to be able to fix the most errors, and repaired the largest number of errors that I experienced on my clients’ PCs.