The Benefits of Becoming a CCIE Certificate Holder

There is an increasing rate of people in the IT field that is interested in taking the CCIE certification. While most people would find a CCIE certificate an essential requirement in today’s advancements which will make them a more preferred candidate to fill in a position in the IT sector, others view having a CCIE certificate one of the best and effective ways to acquire the needed knowledge and proficiency in their chosen field as the most important reason. True enough, passing the CCIE exam does not make you a better engineer or an IT expert because having to submit yourself to countless of hours studying, preparing for the exam, you are already equipped with the expert-level knowledge and competence that you need to be included in the priority list of candidates, and you can just consider the certificate a bonus for this hard work.

Nevertheless, whatever reasons you may have in taking the CCIE certification exam, you have to think on how this most-sought certificate can affect your career and how beneficial it is for your employer. Here’s a look at some benefits of having a CCIE certificate on hand:

1. You will be more prioritized than other applicants. And, because qualified people are extremely hard to find especially in dealing with the intricacies of computer technology and networking, your CCIE certificate on your resume package can make you a better preference compared to others and will open bigger breaks for you.

2. You help your company increase return on their investments. With your painstaking knowledge and expertise, you are able to help your employer make the most out of the IT products they invest in and also with those that they already have. And, because you help them in this way, they will value you more as their employee, thus giving you more opportunities in the form of monetary increase and possible promotions.

3. With CCIE certification, you maximize your earning potential. Whether you are planning to work under high-profile companies or with those just starting out their businesses, you are able to rightfully negotiate your rate to them because you have the paramount capability in your chosen career as supported by your CCIE certificate.

4. A sought after certificate in your hands. A CCIE certificate is amongst the top 10 most in demand IT certifications of today. It is also one of the credentials that top employers are looking for in an applicant. This is so because Cisco never failed to ensure that their exams are truly able to identify talents and competence in the IT field.

5. It’s for your own benefit. By undergoing extensive trainings and seminars as preparation for your upcoming CCIE exam, you are able to broaden your array of knowledge and skills in the field of IT which you can carry with you throughout your journey as an IT expert.

There are a lot more benefits a CCIE certificate brings. Different people will have different viewpoints and reason on what really interest them to acquire the certificate. Nonetheless, to all CCIE aspirants and all lucky CCIE certified, the benefits and rewards are all commendable.