The Best Registry Cleaner For XP

This article is about my experience with a registry tool I used on a Windows XP computer for one of my clients. I’ve used a lot of registry cleaner tools over the last few years, and have found that there are some which work *really* well… but there are a lot which don’t work very well at all. I want to explain which registry cleaner I think is the best for Windows XP, and how I was able to fix a very stubborn error with it.

As a computer repair person, I’ve used registry repair tools a lot, and I know that they have all been designed to perform the same job as each other – which it clean out the central part of Windows, called the “Registry Database”. The registry database is basically where all the virtual settings for Windows are kept, and was introduced in Windows 95 as a replacement for the 1000’s of “.ini” files which software developers used to store information for their programs. The registry is where all your software save their configuration settings, where Windows keeps the important settings for your user information, and where your PC will recall a lot of the vital settings which it requires to run.

Registry repair programs were introduced in 2003 to help clean out errors which can form inside the registry. Although they are generally effective, I think they have been over-hyped a little bit and as a result it’s difficult to know which tool is worth using, especially for a system that’s as old as Windows XP. As XP was released in 2001, it’s got a lot of settings inside which are now outdated. This is not a problem, but is the main aspect of registry cleaner tools that we need to take note of. The registry contains a large number of important options for your PC, and so it’s essential that any registry cleaner you use will be able to fix it in the most effective way. Unfortunately, a lot of registry tools will end up deleting a lot of the XP settings because they are not designed to work on it.

My preference of registry repair software for XP is currently Frontline Registry Cleaner. The reason why I recommend this as the best XP registry cleaner is that this is the only downloadable registry tool which is still being developed for XP. All the other tools are solely focused on Win7, but the developers of this product are involved with XP as well as Windows 7 – and that means this cleaner is not only more effective, but safer to use on your XP system.