The Best Way to Speed Up Your Laptop or Desktop Computer

The best way to speed up your computer is done via registry cleanup. Start by cleaning the computer system registry, this database holds all the files and folders URL or link paths. Every time you install new software or do any sort of stuff the system registry will track your progress and install a new registry key.

This key holds the path of the new files; every file has at least 1 registry key. However the problem arrives when you uninstall software or any other file. When you do that the registry files will not be deleted!

And over time this creates a huge clutter that results in a computer slowdown!

By simply doing a registry cleanup you are able to repair or should I say restore your computer and it will defiantly run just like how it was when you first bought it! You will not even have to do a disk format or any other sort of stuff. Just do a simply registry cleanup and enjoy your long lasting computer laptop for life!

Here are some Bonus tips to be considered to maximize and to maintain the computer performance:

#1 disk defrag: you should always perform a disk defrag every now and then, I would suggest every 3 months or so, what a disk defrag will do is that it will organise your computer data files in way that will optimize your computer RAM. It will create new keys that will auto align similar keys by auto optimizing it self.

#2 disk cleanup: I would suggest doing a disk cleanup every week or so, it will delete temporarily internet cache and the recycle bin, this will guarantee a smooth running computer. And will notice a slight increase of your internet speed and performance.

#3 start up files: I would always advice to close all start up software that you do not use very often. I would recommend though that you at least have a good anti virus and firewall always running, but close all the others that you do not utilize very often. These sort of files consumes a lot of memory RAM, and that can create huge computer slow downs. You can close them by simply running the: “msconfig” window and uncheck all the unwanted start up files. Windows will restart when you do this operation, so keep in mind, save your work before attempting to do this operation.

So how do I clean the system registry?

There are loads of software out there that will constantly optimize your system registry, even while you are busy doing other things.