The CCIE Security Track

As a certification standard, the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) remains to be highly valued in the overall global IT landscape, with its eight tiered areas of expertise standing out as essential skill and knowledge sets involved in the implementation of managed network services and operations.

Given the way the internet and electronic networks have proven to be integral in the successful operations of business entities and organizations, CCIE certificate holders are among the most valued IT professionals in the world today, with the total number of such unique individuals amounting to less than 30,000 in the world.

Dividing each of its covered areas into tracks, the CCIE certification’s Security Track stands to be one CCIE certification “highlight” different organizations are keen on focusing, given how important security is for any network to function at optimum levels and expectations.

The CCIE Standard’s Security Track

Addressing the current and soon-to-come concerns related to network security, the CCIE Standard’s Security Track is tuned to the signs of the times, developed and designed to be relevant to the security issues known to stand as risks for an enterprise class organization’s network.

Beyond viruses and beyond hacking attacks, the standard’s Security track is primed towards a consolidated approach in dealing with network security, touching up on the value of data encryption for internal/external communications, as well as security and encryption options for finance-based transactions and communiqu├ęs.

Testing CCIE Certificate qualifiers on how well they comprehend the use and implementation of Cisco’s newest security products, the standard’s Security track also confirms a qualifier’s base understanding of network integrity and reliability, apart from simply looking into the ins and outs of how a network can be properly secured from internal and external threats.

Given the integral value of databases and secure communications, the CCIE Certificate’s Security Track is also designed to not only touch up on the implementation and use of security solutions and products in securing a network, but also delves into the ethical and best practices related to network security, making it more than just a skills assessment evaluation tool, but a means of assessing an individual’s capacity for professionalism.

As the effective implementation of a managed network service readily translates into a business’ strength, a CCIE Certified professional with extensive skills and knowledge on Security comes as an advantage for business organizations, as well as defines how qualified and skilled a CCIE Certificate holder is as an IT Professional.