The Criteria Needed To Boast Of Advanced Excel Skills

The majority of clerical jobs will require skills in Microsoft Office. It may vary as to which package is regarded as the most important. In a Human Resources role, Microsoft Access may be fundamental due to a large amount of database use. However, in a doctor’s office, a good understanding of Outlook diary management would be most important. Accountants and bookkeepers will need a sound understanding of Excel.

For those of us who need to have advanced Excel skills, it is often not clear how to define what actually is advanced Excel skill. The easiest way to find this out is to take an advanced Excel skills course. The areas covered will define skills required to be regarded as Excel advanced.

One key skill is to understand how to use, amend and create a Pivot Table or a Pivot Chart. Pivot Tables are a fundamental means of summarising large amounts out data in an easily manipulated format. Generally, Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 are more user friendly for those who are new to Pivot Tables and Excel, with more active tutorials being developed. So, learning how to use Pivot Tables should not be as daunting as it was in early versions of Microsoft 1995 or 1997.

Another key skill is data sorting. Advanced Excel users will need to be able to sort data alphabetically or numerically, with the drop of a hat. This is a relatively simple skill to master.

Look-ups are very important. Vertical look ups are especially important and they will require some learning of formula in order to become comfortable with using these items. This will enable you to extract key items from large bodies of data.

The recording of basic macros and basic editing of visual basic code is regarded as a key skill for advanced Excel. These may prove hard to master at first, but they can greatly improve your daily routine. The recording of a macro to carry out repetitive tasks can reduce your workload and eliminate repetitive tasks. At times, your macro may encounter difficulties, so being able to edit the visual basic code will ensure that you can maintain your macros. Furthermore, many roles in banking will have spreadsheet with complex macros. In this scenario, you will often be required to use your visual basic editing skills in order to ensure that there are no malfunctions.