Mobile Computing

The Importance of Mobile Apps for Contemporary Businesses

Now is the time to invest in a mobile application! Business owners should take advantage of advancement in mobile technology. This will make your business more competitive as well. So, mobile apps development is the need of the hour.

Let’s analyze the contemporary society. People love Smartphones, more now than ever. They use their Smartphones for 5 hours a day on average. They check their phones 85 times a day. They also keep phones with them all year-long. Hence, marketers have a huge opportunity in mobile space. An app can instantly get you closer to your customers.

This is better than email marketing. Emails generally get poor response from customers. But the possibilities for your mobile application are endless. Push notifications are generally opened more than emails. So, you better get an app now! In addition, customers expect every business to have an app. Here are some more reasons to get an app:

Win the Loyalty of Customers

With an app, businesses can engage with customers in the right way. In simple words, you can offer discounts, coupons, and promotions on the application. Most importantly, your customers will feel special.


The built-in sharing capabilities are really beneficial for small businesses. Your customers can spread the word about you. They can share the information on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, etc.

Grow Customer Base

As we discussed above, it can help businesses in multiple ways. An application can easily collect names and email addresses of users. This data can easily increase the customer base.

Get Instant Feedback

Your precious customers can leave feedback in the easiest way possible. This is definitely useful for businesses of all types.

Nowadays more people access web on Smartphone’s than desktops. Hence, your business needs to be readily accessible on a variety of mobile devices. Your failure to do so will result in lost market share.

Here are some more ways to make sure your app success:

Your Goal

What are you looking for? An application can get you customers, brand awareness, etc. You should not get overwhelmed with these goals. Determine your goals first-hand and then go for it!

Social Media Sharing is Important

Social networks are more important than ever. Your application must have social media sharing features.

Push Notifications

This is an important feature. Moreover, you should include several other interactive features.