The Top 10 Registry Cleaner Tools

With registry cleaner programs ever popular on the Internet, it’s no surprise that many people will want to use the best software for their system. Unfortunately, a lot of the registry cleaners out there are not able to fix the problems that Windows will have, making it vital that you’re able to use the correct software to improve your system. Here are the top 10 reliable registry cleaners in no particular order:

    • Frontline Registry Cleaner – An up-and-coming registry repair tool which is quickly becoming one of the most popular programs of its kind in the market. Features an eye-catching design, reliable registry scanner and junk file fix
    • PC Tools’ Registry Mechanic – Widely regarded as one of the most popular registry cleaners ever, with almost 70 million downloads. Released in 2003, this program is quite bloated but still relatively effective
    • Uniblue Registry Booster – A popular program which was advertised heavily in 2010, this tool is efficiently fixes the various problems that your system may have but is very bloated & unreliable.
    • RegGenie – A stand-alone program from an unknown publisher. This tool is very popular, but lacks many of the advanced features which have made the other programs very popular.
    • RegistryEasy – Wrongly labelled as a “scam” by a lot of leading websites, this tool is very hyped up and over-promoted. Although it features several effective features, it does lack a lot of core functionality
    • RegCure – Another popular registry cleaner which was released in 2003. This tool is widely regarded as a hugely popular program, but has not been updated for several years. A very simple, and somewhat basic, design makes this program popular with beginners, but has taken a dip in popularity over recent years.
    • CCleaner – This free program is one of the most popular registry tools ever released, but don’t let its “free” price tag fool you. Many people report CCleaner is a highly ineffective program, due to it deleting files & settings which Windows requires to run
    • RegDefense – A popular registry repair tool released in 2005, it’s not been updated for several years but is still extremely popular thanks to recommendations from some high-profile websites
    • RegTool – This has dropped off the radar a lot now, but is a reliable and relatively effective tool. Designed by the same people who made “ErrorFix”, it’s very well designed but its features could do with improving
  • ErrorFix – This is a registry cleaner program which has been created to get rid of the various problems and errors that Windows will have inside, and is still relatively popular, despite being released 6 years ago. You can use this tool to fix a large variety of system errors.

Out of all the registry repair tools available, we’ve found that only a few are worth using – and our recommendation goes to “Frontline Registry Cleaner”. This tool is one of the most effective registry repair programs, and is continually helping to fix the various problems that Windows may have.