Top Factors to Consider When Choosing a Conference Venue

A 4G connection is a new addition to the ever-growing world of IT innovation. Its superior speed, and stunning functionality, has garnered quite a number of followers, within a short span of time. Such a trend has adversely affected the popularity of 3G connections, which were the best internet option that was available to users, for so long.

As a consumer, you might end up being very confused by the 3G vs. 4G debate that seems to be the hot topic of today’s world. Nevertheless, as someone, who does not know which connection would be suitable for him, you should pay a close attention to these debates, in order to make an informed decision. Read on to find out which connection is winning in this war of new-age internet services.

1. The Speed Deliberation

We live in a super-fast world, and need to keep up with it, at all costs. As an internet user, who has high-end entertainment and information needs, speed is bound to be an important asset. Not only to do you wish to access the infinite world of internet, you want to do it, as fast as you can. In fact, at certain times, the speed of your internet connection can even be a crucial factor for your success.

In this respect, recent research has shown that a 4G connection is as much as 10 times faster than a 3 G internet service. Get CLEAR 4G internet connection, and you will never again have to confront slow download, or browsing, speeds. The reason for the superior 4G speed is that it makes use of sophisticated radio frequency networks that are not available to a 3G connection.

Herein, you must be informed that the unique speed that your 4G connection provides will largely depend on your internet service provider. Read the fine print of your internet deal carefully, in order to find out about the specific bandwidth detail of your 4G connection.

2. The Issue of Voice Quality

The designing process of a 3G connection follows very different principles than a 4G one. For instance, a 4G internet connection may provide great speed to its users, but it also interferes with the other aspects of its host device, most notably, its voice interface. This is not the case with a 3G arrangement.

This means that if you choose to install a 4G connection on your cellular phone, you must prepare to face an inferior voice quality.

As you can see, both 3G and 4G connection has its unique advantages. At the end of the day, your decision to opt for either of these connections should depend on your distinctive priorities.