Turn Your Apps Into Money Machines – Top 5 Ideas For a Best Selling App

So, you have the next big mobile app idea. You just cannot wait to storm the market with this amazing app. It is unique and is going to become the talk of the mobile app world. But, are you really ready to take the plunge?

We are talking about hoards of cash flowing in!!!

Have you chalked out a plan based on concrete facts? Do you have good idea about the demographics of the market you are targeting? If not, your big plan might just come crashing down and someone will definitely seize the opportunity to hijack your idea and turn it profitable.

Do you know how many apps are present in the App Store? The figure is a whopping 1.5 million, enough to plunge any new app into oblivion. However, worry not. Since you have carefully targeted your app to reach the top Smartphone users your app is going to soar above all.

According to recent figures released by Nielsen on the American Smartphone user market 71% of the total American population uses Smartphone on a regular basis. The trend is much higher in the lower age group. If we look at the age wise division, 85% of the population between the age of 18 and 24 years in America comprises of Smartphone users. The figure is 86.2% when we consider users aged between 25 and 34 years.

But, why should we consider these age groups? It is this segment that not only spends a considerable time using various apps but also has the money to spend.

Going back to the study on the time spent on various types of entertainment apps by users in US by Nielsen, we find more than 10 hours was spent only playing games by a person in America. The total monthly usage of entertainment apps by each American is 13 hours 20 minutes to be exact.

While Nielsen concentrated on the overall average, if we take a closer look at the 18 to 24 years age group, the figure is a staggering 37+ hours spent per month just playing games by an individual.

Any fine marketer will take one look at this figure and will say that this is the perfect user base to be targeted while launching any new app in the App Store.

However, for your app to be successful it has to strike a chord with this group of users. So, what is it that interests these young adults? Here is a list of the top five points that you should be keeping in mind.

1. Simple, easy, convenient, and functional

What comes in your mind whenever you think of highly successful apps? Instagram, Uber, Whatsapp, and such others I believe. What do these have in common? All of these are –

• Easy to use

• Have simple and attractive interface

• Can be conveniently installed, uninstalled, and used without slowing down the device

• Highly functional as helps in getting the job done which they are meant to

Also, they happened to be one of their kinds when launched. They targeted a specific issue that the young adults faced and provided the best solution to it.

2. Be Original

Originality is the key to becoming viral. People want something new. With 1.5 billion apps striving to catch the attention it is going to take a really one of its kind type of idea to catch the attention.

Do I need to have a completely original idea?

What if I can’t think of anything that is not already there?

You need not worry. Simply take a great app and make it even better. Isn’t that one of the ways of churning out market leading apps?

Ever heard of Hike Messenger? It is giving quite a competition to another giant like Whatsapp in the Indian market. While there has not been any official statement regarding it, but many developers believe that it is the popularity of Hike with the feature of sending files to other users that prompted Whatsapp to integrate the same functionality.

3. Focus on Functionality

Don’t churn out an app that’s Jack of all trade yet master of none. No one likes it, especially the group you will be targeting. Those between 18 years and 34 years know what they want. Concentrate on a single functionality.

Your app needs to be best in business for what it does. Even if you are making an app to play music make sure it is the best in all sense and provides all the options that users want.

You do not need something really complicated. Just make something that will be easy to use and not loaded with useless features.

4. Sharing is Free Advertising

Let your users share the app easily. Youths love to share anything and everything. This is quite evident from the success of apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and others. Whatever be the achievement or event, youths will love to share with their best friends. Let them do that easily. It will ultimately increase the popularity of your app.

Ever heard of Viral Looping?

Viral Looping is the highly successful business model used by major apps like Candy Crush and other such games. It lets people share the app in exchange of some gifts. Thus, it is a promotional tool that users will love to use. Provide something exciting in return of the shares, like cheats, lives in a game or simply removal of Ads from the app and make your app viral.

5. Create a cross-platform app

If you will force users to use an app on a single platform, you will lose out on them. Make an app that will run smoothly on all mobile platforms.

Youths are more prone to using the same app on mobile, laptop, tablet, and on any other platform they will be using. Make sure your app is able to access information across all of these platforms. Mobility is highly important for the young users. Your app should be able to provide it.