Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing?

Personal computers, PCs for short, have already proven its worth on the lives of every human being. PCs have already dominated the business and educational world. For me, PCs have really helped me a lot. However, sometimes I get annoyed because my computer keeps freezing. Computer freezing really affects my work because it drains so much of my time.

Some Indications You Can Experience during Computer Freezes

1. You cannot move the mouse pointer.
2. The words you type in a word processing document do not appear on the monitor.
3. The task manager is not appearing when you pressed the shortcut Control +Alt + Delete.
4. Blue screen.
5. The Start Menu fails to appear when you press the Windows button from the keyboard.
6. Windows running slow.

Reasons Why Does My Computer Keeps Freezing?

So after finding out the symptoms that your computer is already freezing, let’s talk about the reasons behind it. Your computer freezes because:

1. There are too many programs installed on your PC.
2. The CPU takes too long to respond.
3. The local hard drives are full.
4. Too many devices connected like cameras, printers, and scanners.
5. There are viruses lurking on your computer.
6. You have an outdated driver.
7. Malicious programs are installed.
8. Registry needs fix and cleanup.

Solutions on How to Prevent Your Computer from Freezing

1. Uninstall unneeded programs from your computer. Computer keeps freezing if you have too many unused programs because those will drain the memory.
2. Do not run too many programs at the same time. Most of the time, running an antivirus program can slow down your PC. If an antivirus program is working in background and you decided to play a video game that requires more memory, your PC will surely freeze.
3. Delete or transfer unnecessary files from your hard drive. If the hard drive is full, there is a possibility that your computer will not work well.
4. Avoid plugging too many devices simultaneously because this will confuse your PC.
5. Be sure to update your antivirus software regularly. Viruses and spywares are the most deadly programs that will freeze your PC. Scan your PC on a regular basis to detect and trap viruses.
6. Remember to update your hardware drivers constantly. Using PC hardware, like the sound card and video card, with outdated drivers can slow down PC performance.
7. Don’t just install programs from unknown suppliers and developers. Be aware on the file extension because other programs might contain viruses, malwares, and spywares.
8. Enable automatic Windows Update to be equipped with the advanced protection from Microsoft.
9. Clean the computer hardware. Too much dust can block the air needed by the PC.

The Most Important Solution You Must not Forget – Fix Your System Registry
Your computer will keep on freezing if there are problems in the systems registry. It is therefore highly recommended that you must cleanup your registry to address freezing issues. Cleaning up your computer’s registry will not just prevent freezes as it can improve the overall performance of your central processing unit (CPU) as well. If your computer can process fast, you can also finish your job quickly.